Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom Flooring

At different times in my life I had different types of flooring in my home. Sometimes I had more carpeting than solid flooring. Other times I had more solid flooring than carpeting. The place that made the most different to me was my bedroom.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because we spend much of our time in the bedroom. It’s the first room we’re in when we wake up. It’s the last room we’re in when we go to sleep. There are both benefits and downfalls to having carpeting in the bedroom.

Carpeting in a bedroom is great for young children. If they fall, they are less likely to get injured. This is because the soft carpeting will hopefully break their fall. Solid flooring would hurt! When I was a kid, I had hard wood flooring in my bedroom.

There were times when I would “rough house” and fall to the ground. Sure, there was a shot of pain in the knee or elbow. But soon after, I would continue playing as I was. Even if a child falls down, they tend to get back up quickly. Children are resilient!

When I was a little older we moved to a new home. Now, I had carpeting in my bedroom. I didn’t mind. This just meant that I could “rough house” a little harder! One another benefit to carpeting in the winter is that it’s not freezing in the morning. With solid flooring, that could be cold without socks. See some flooring examples at Best Epoxy Flooring New York City.

So what is better in a bedroom, carpeting or solid flooring? That answer depends on the homeowner really. Everybody is going to have their own preference. Switching flooring might cost a couple thousand dollars. But the end result might be worth it.