Things to Consider when Tiling Bathroom Floor

Things to Consider when Tiling Bathroom Floor

Whether it’s a DIY project or whether you will be hiring a contractor, tiling a bathroom floor makes an exciting bathroom update to look forward to over the weekend. Never fret because with so many tile options to choose from and helpful tips to acquire online, you can be sure to achieve the updated look you have been aiming for.

You can accomplish this task easily and smoothly provided that you have a plan. Do your homework, from canvassing tile designs, up to measuring the area that will be covered, make sure everything is systematic to avoid excess purchases.

Things to Consider when Tiling Bathroom Floor

Here are some of the things you need to consider when tiling your bathroom floor.

Create an overall bathroom theme

There are many styles, or themes, to consider when choosing your floor tiles. Channel your personality by doing a monochrome bathroom for a more polished look just like the OC in you. Feeling a little creative? Then mosaic tiles should do the trick! Make sure your tiled floor and bathroom walls are well coordinated.

You can even check this color wheel for complementary colors.

Are you tiling over or removing the old ones?

In short, do you want to do it the short way or the long laborious one? It is always better to start with a clean slate. You’ll be sure that there are no dirt piled up from the old tiles. You will even have a well-flattened finish if you clean up old tiles instead of tiling on top of the others. You should checkout Bathroom Remodeling Wellington for better assistance in designing your bathroom.

Choosing the size of the tiles

If your bathroom has a small space, it is more preferable to use smaller tiles too. The same principle applies to bigger bathrooms. Plain ones even help achieve a bigger space. It is a matter of proportion, and a little bit of gut feeling.

The overall theme and design should suit your personality. If you feel like you want a very polished and elegantly styled bathroom but requires less maintenance in terms of cleaning, then you should also consider the type of tiles that you will use.